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Dear colleagues!

At the moment, many of you are moving around the country or abroad for the safety of your selves and your loved ones.  You may need help with transport, housing, cash, etc.


To get assistance, you can use the following channels:

  1. If you are moving within Ukraine:

    1. If you need help – call 521 (Vodaphone) or 0800500500 (for other mobile operators

    2. RaifHelp is a group in Teams for mutual assistance.

  2. If you decided to cross the border:

    1. Telegram group "Welcome West Raif"

    2. Site "Support for Raiffeisen employees in Ukraine"

Colleagues from the RBI in the neighboring countries are prepared to help Ukrainian colleagues. Every employee is supported equally, because after all we are all members of the Raiffeisen family.


On this site you will be able to find basic information and contacts of persons to solve your questions and assist you to go abroad

Find your destination country on that website to get more details about hotline number and support you can get there. If your destination country is the country with no Raiffeisen representatives, please, use Austrian Helpline.

In addition, assistance will be organized at the borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Safe travels, for you to those who decide to move!

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