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Purpose of this helping group

Help colleagues from Raiffeisen and their families in the territory of Bulgaria with accommodation, transportation, food and goods of first aid, logistics support, medical support, psychological support, legal support, assistance to enter the local job market etc

Contact Persons for help at the border

Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria will assist with providing a safe place and all assistance needed to organize your stay in Bulgaria in the easiest for you and possibly less stressful manner.


In most of the cases you would be entering Bulgarian territory from another country and your immediate needs will be already met by other RBI support teams.


RBBG will help you to continue your journey to a safe location in Bulgaria by supporting your family with any kind of logistics help – transportation within the country, establishing contact with relatives or friends in our territory, contact with institutions, access to financial means, translation, legal, medical, psychological support, job search assistance etc.

Before starting your journey to Bulgaria, please call us at:


+359 884 11 48 15 – English

+ 359 889433777 – English, Russian


Tell our colleagues:

  •  your name

  •  the checkpoint you are passing through

  • how many people are traveling with you

  • approximate time of your arrival

  • any immediate needs we need to meet upon arrival


This information will help us provide you with the best comfort after your arrival. You will have a contact person from our side throughout your entire journey as well as during your stay in Bulgaria.

Medical Infrastructure

Emergency number in Bulgaria: 112, free of charge, you could report all kind of incidents and receive emergency medical care, assistance from the police or fire department.


All hospitals and medical centers will provide you with medical services, however, due to the pandemic, in case you need medical attention RBBG will assist for an easier access and direct you to a medical care center

Additional Information

Useful contacts


Embassy of Ukrain in Sofia - +359 2 818 68 28, +359 2 955 9354



#BGforUkraine - Official source for information about the actions and measures taken with regards to the measures in Ukraine.


State agency for Refugees

Информация за гражданите на Украйна | ДЪРЖАВНА АГЕНЦИЯ ЗА БЕЖАНЦИТЕ (



As of March, 2d, Ukrainian citizens are required to present valid certificate for vaccination, successful recovery from Covid-19, or test. In case they are not able to present one of those documents, they need to be tested within 3 days after arrival. RBBG will assist with the testing as well.

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