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Purpose of this helping group

Help colleagues of Raiffeisen and their families at this place with accommodation (Prague), transportation from the border, general support and translation help if needed.​

Contact Persons in Czech Republic

Raiffeisen Bank Czech Republic is ready to help you with your way to Czech Republic by providing necessary information on helpline +420 603 808 492


Also available on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and Signal. Helpline is not available 24/7, but we are doing the best to call back to every contact and to answer every question.

Additional Information


The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic provides all necessary information needed to know for newly arriving Ukrainian citizens: There you can find information in Ukrainian, Czech, and English.

Contact the helpline set up for Ukrainian citizens: +420 974 801 802 (non-stop operation)

More information:  

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