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Purpose of this helping group

Help colleagues of Raiffeisen and their families at this place with care package, cash, accommodation, transportation from the border, general support and translation help if needed.

Helpline & Contact Person 

If you are planning to go to Poland please register in Ukrainian Call Center who collect all needed data about travelling family members. 

0 800 400 454 (calls within Ukraine) 

044 490 87 23 (from abroad, Skype) 

After registration, a primary contact from our helpline will be assigned for your family to guide you through all necessary steps in Poland. 

If you are already in Poland you can contact our Contact Center +48225785646 from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday 


In Poland 


​Polish government prepared website  in Ukrainian/ Polish / English language #PomagamUkrainie 

On this side you can find information regarding: 

  • Help on the border and list of reception centers 

  • How to get Polish ID and why you need it 

  • Free public medical care   

  • Legal help 

  • Help with translation 

  • Polish telephone number and SIM cards in Poland 

  • Were look for the job 

  • Accommodation provided by Polish government and accommodation offered by Polish citizens 


Public Transportation 

Please be aware that since June 2022 there is no free public transportation available anymore. 



In Poland, there are currently no COVID restrictions, no tests are required, and you can get vaccinated for free (more information on the link Informacje dla cudzoziemców - Szczepienie przeciwko COVID-19 - Portal ( ). Masks are mandatory in pharmacies and medical points. 



Entry to Poland does not require special permits after 24.02.22. It is worth taking an international passport with you, but if someone does not have it, he will also be allowed in. However some identity document is required, for children minimum birth certificate. Please bear in mind that air travel in Poland and abroad Poland including within the European Union, may require an international passport. At the UA Embassy, UA Consulate in Poland, you can get a confirmation of identity or apply for an international passport. 



If you travel with pets (dogs, cats), a microchip and vaccination required. There are no restrictions on wild animals (rodents, rabbits, amphibians, reptiles, decorative aquatic animals, spineless animals), but the decision will be taken by the National Revenue Agency at the border crossing. 

Veterinary and transport support for animals: +48 228681578 / 228681579, 24/7, email: 

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