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Purpose of this helping group

Help colleagues of Raiffeisen and their families at this place with care package, cash, accommodation, transportation from the border, general support and translation help if needed

Contact Persons for help at the border

If you need to speak with somebody in Russian, you may contact our colleague
* Rodica Minei 0040722811833


Other contact persons that are available to offer support (English speakers):
* Irina Kubinschi 0040741244643
* Florin Stanica 0040729166065

Medical Infrastructure

The medical services will be free of charge in any Regina Maria medical facilities.

They will need just your Ukrainian passport number or your personal ID.

For medical information and appointments, you may call the following call center number: 021/9268 (in English), if you don’t know English you may do this via our colleague Rodica; more information you may find on

Additional Information

First of all, some of our colleagues will come and pick you up from our border points. They are going to transport you to a hotel/pension where you may take a rest and stay for a period of 3-4 days. Meals are paid for, as well. 


If needed, you will receive financial assistance paid in our local currency. After the first 3-4 days, we will organize transportation to other Romanian cities where we have rented an apartment for you.


When crossing the border, look for telecom operators representatives. They will provide you with SIM cards for Romania

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