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Purpose of this helping group

Help colleagues of Raiffeisen and their families at this place with care package, accommodation, transportation from the border, general support and translation help if needed

Contact Persons for help at the border

Serbia is ready to provide You with a safe place to go through this difficult period. We want to make your stay at Serbia as comfortable and safe as possible for you and your loved ones. To do this, we have prepared basic information for your stay.

Before entering Serbia, please call us at:

+381112207070 (English speaking colleagues) or

+381605062143 (Viber, Telegram , WhatsApp) .

Tell our colleagues your name, your route and destination, and how many people are traveling with you. This information will help us provide adequate arrangements before your arrival.
Transport details will be arranged if needed.


Additional Information

Local authorities contacts information:

Police: 192

Medical help: 194

Fire department: 193


Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia

Address: Paje Adamova 4, 11000, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
telephone numbers:





Emergency (life threatening situations): +381631113185


          Web site:

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