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Purpose of this helping group

Help colleagues from Raiffeisen and their families in the territory of Slovakia.

Shelter in Slovakia

Slovakia is ready to provide you with a safe place to survive this difficult period



Starting from January 1, 2023, the conditions for helping Raiffeisen Bank employees going abroad will change. Package system that was provided before, is terminated. Nevertheless, informational support as well as assistance with local authorities’ communication or other institutions (if necessary, because of the language barrier) continues. Employees who left Ukraine, are in RBI-presence country and need financial help, can apply to the Stepic CEE Charity fund partnering with RBI. In case a colleague faces socio-economic need, s/he may apply for a one-off financial support to bridge their accommodation expenses for up to 2 months (but no more than a threshold sum set for each country).  




  • Active employee of the Bank  

  • Planning or recently left Ukraine (max. 2 months since crossing the border). 

  • Has NOT received the Supporting Packages issued by any RBI entity.  

  • In socio-economic need: monthly income - 1 030,49 EUR of a single person; - 1 626,71 EUR in a partnership 

  • Has a rental agreement available 




1. Contact the hotline for colleagues who are abroad or plan to move abroad: For calls from Ukraine: 0 800 400 454 For calls from abroad or via Skype: 044 490 87 23 Hotline works every day from 8 am till 8 pm The hotline staff will gather all necessary information and connect you with the RBI Group Coordinators for assistance providing.  

2. Fill the application form All applicants must fill out the standard application form with the following information:  

• Full name  

• Passport number  

• Position in Bank (with full unit and division name)  

• Date and place of crossing the border 

• Current location 

• Current level of employee’s income as well as his/her family members who are with him/her at the moment  

• Rental agreement to be compensated by charity fund  

• Legal status in the current country  

• Presence/absence of social assistance from the host country  

• Bank details 

• etc. 


3. Pass an evaluation by a charity fund 

The charity fund checks the applicant's compliance with all criteria and makes the final decision on granting/not granting financial assistance. 


4. Receive financial assistance in case of a positive decision of Stepic CEE. 




If you are traveling from Ukraine by car


During martial law, all cars weighing up to 3.5 tons, registered in Ukraine, can travel for free on toll roads (you do not need to buy a vignette). Please note that it is necessary to issue a Green Card (car insurance), which must be valid in all EU countries.  

You can take out insurance online at any Ukrainian insurance company from the list of MTSBU:

If you cross the border with Ukraine by bus or on foot

After crossing the border, you need to get to Košice, from where trains run to Bratislava. The train schedule is posted on the website
Tickets can be purchased at this link or obtained at railway ticket offices.


Inside the country


Mobile connection

There are four mobile operators in Slovakia: 4K, O2, 4K Orange and Telekom. It is useful to have a local mobile number for registration with local bodies for assistance to temporarily displaced Ukrainians and other state or municipal institutions.


Public transport


From January 1, 2023, Ukrainians with temporary shelter will lose the right to travel free of charge by public transport (MHD - buses, electric trains, trolleybuses) in Bratislava. Public transport for Ukrainians in Bratislava will be free only on the day of receipt of "SLOVAK HELP" or "Temporary Shelter" documents and during the following four days, which are standard throughout Slovakia for railway and suburban transport. 


In the regional bus and railway transport of Slovakia, citizens of Ukraine can travel for free with the specified documents on the day of receipt of the document and for the next 4 days. A travel document for free transportation is issued and valid only simultaneously with special documents and only during their validity period. 


Free travel will continue for students under 18 years old traveling to primary and secondary schools, including accompanying them on school days. For this, it is necessary to have a confirmation of temporary shelter and a document regarding school attendance.  


Commuters will be entitled to free travel for 60 days after receiving temporary shelter status. For this, they will need to have with them a document on temporary shelter and a confirmation from the employer about the employment contract. 

Information mentioned above you can find here

Information about public transport in Slovakia can be found on the website Tickets for public transport in Bratislava can be purchased using the IDS BK application or at bus stations at automatic kiosks. City transport routes can be found at the following link:, or on the portal

Taxi near Bratislava


If you want to pay in cash (euro) it is necessary to use the HOPIN taxi application. 


Exchange hryvnias for euros


for euros is not possible in Slovakia.  

To find out any financial information, please call the TATRA Banka DIALOG Live hotline *1100. Information is provided in Ukrainian language as well.  

Obtaining Odidenec/Docasne Utocisko:  

To obtain this document, you need to contact the migration center (in Bratislava on Botova, 7). You can find detailed information on migration centers location, assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia from the United Nations, the Red Cross, and the Slovak Republic here  


To receive a free ambulance, it is obligated to have Odidenec/Docasne Utocisko document. 




Migration Government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Slovak Republic:            

phone +421 243 414 775+421 248 254 104

Embassy of Ukraine in Slovakia

Address: Radvanská 35, 81101, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
phone +421 259 202 810


League of Human Rights - a non-governmental organization that provides information to foreigners and refugees about stay, visas, etc. in different languages

Hotline for Ukrainians: +421 918 366 968


Current information for Ukrainians coming to Slovakia can be found on the official website of the Slovak Republic:
Information in Ukrainian, Slovak and English. 

More information:


Information on the processing of personal data

If you provide us with personal data of other persons, please familiarize them with this information

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